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  Oh POSTPARTUM how I love to hate you! It’s like I longed for this dreaded nine months to be over, and even though I have done this whole pregnancy thing before, I still thought oh I will go to the hospital, have these babies, and BAM I’ll be back to normal…NOT!!!! It’s almost like your worse when you leave then when you came in…especially after a C-section! Never the less, a few weeks go by and I think ...
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  Shorties…THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! As many of you know, I’m short, 5’2 to be exact. Finding a pair of jeans that are not 2 feet too long use to be the death of me.  I have actually had my grandma’s hem multiple pair of jeans for me just so that I could wear them with my 4 inch heels!  Yes, you heard me right, I can’t even wear some jeans with 4 inch heels. As I have grown older and much more mature, I have ...
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Dusty Rose Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag  Todays post is all about this fabulous diaper bag from I would love to say that I have been getting out of the house, and putting this bag to good use, but this mom is pretty much homebound! The few times that I have braved the world with my babes though, this diaper bag has made the journey, and everywhere I went I was definitely stopped by at least someone asking about it! But on a serious note, I really do feel ...
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When I look on a clothing website I always find myself being drawn to the most unique or different items. I have accepted it and decided that I just really love “different” clothing items and that’s just what makes my style, my style. Take this jumper for example, this clothing company had so many amazing options, it’s actually really hard for me to choose! When I spotted this little number though, I knew it had to be ...
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  It’s finally up… my twin’s nursery! It has been so much fun doing it, and see it all come together. A huge thank you to all that contributed to make this nursery amazing. I started out with picking the wallpaper and went from there. The wallpaper makes such a statement, it made me want to go pretty simple everywhere else in the room. When I saw these cribs at the ABC Baby Expo I immediately fell in love. I felt like ...