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A baby registry can be so flustering/confusing for first time moms! I had no clue what I would need or what to really register for.  Sure there were lots of things I wanted or were so cute I had to have, but what was needed? After having not one but three babies I can honestly tell you what I believe you REALLY NEED for a baby…or maybe even twins! 🙂

Lets be honest, I have now had three girls. Everyone loves to buy for girls, so I got a million outfits. I’m not complaining, but they wear them maybe once and then they sit in their closet till they can’t wear it any longer a month later! Plus I kind of wanted to buy some outfits myself, I mean that is one of the best parts of having a girl!

Needless to say you really need DIAPERS and lots of them…especially if you are having twins! I can’t even begin to tell you how many diapers we have gone through in the past three months. I wished so badly that I would have registered for more diapers. Today I have teamed up with Pampers to let all new moms out there what they really need when registering for your new little one. Pampers diapers are my favorite, a friend gave me a box before I had Jonesy and they worked great so I stuck with them!



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