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How I plan to stay active during pregnancy

Maternity work out Top: c/o Gaya Fitness Maternity crop pants: c/o Gaya Fitness Through out my other two pregnancies I did not work out…like AT ALL.  Actually working out has been a new thing for me the past year and half. I started spin like I said about a year a half ago, I have tried a million different things, nothing worked. My biggest problem was I would get SO BORED.  A friend of mine told me I had to go try spin out. The first ...
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Major Venting!

Here it goes guys the things that have me laughing/crying and this week if I’m being honest a little more crying….. Like I said before, about every three weeks I have a little break down and this week I’m blaming all the “CRAP” for the tears!! I got home from work and the twin’s were in their bouncers. Being super excited to see them after a long day at work I went up to them, kissed their faces, talked ...
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Dressing the Bump during the awkward stage

As I have said before, I am showing much earlier with this pregnancy than any other! With that said…I still am going through the awkward stage of pregnancy right now. It’s more the “Has Kenzi gained a couple lb’s?” Or “Maybe she just had a big lunch?” I have to be so careful what I wear to make sure people know I’m pregnant, and didn’t just eat a entire Chipotle burrito! I always like to ...
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It’s a BOY!

I secretly knew it was a boy all along…just as I did my other two boys. However many people I knew thought for sure it was a girl, mom always knows best! My pregnancy has been a little bit better than my past two, I suppose thats why some thought it may be a girl. Now for the question I get every time I tell someone I am having another boy…What are my thoughts on 3 boys??? To be honest I was of course hoping it was a girl, I have ...
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Things that made me laugh….

Things that made me laugh/cry this week…. While in church on Sunday, I was holding KoKo trying to keep her from losing it, Justin was holding Frankie trying to keep her from losing it, and all the while you know who (Jonesy) was doing, who know’s what! Well all of a sudden in a very loud voice, I heard her say “LOOK MOM I DREW THEIR PRIVATE PARTS!” she then repeated herself, because clearly I did not give her the ...