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Jean Skirts

It’s Monday!! Which means, I’m doing lashes all morning, while Jones is at school, and I am going to try and catch up on all my mounds of laundry! I’m just not sure if my washer and dryer can keep up with the “TWINS” laundry, we are going through swaddles like crazy! No matter what I do, I think I will constantly be playing catch up with the laundry! Also is anyone else having the blues, because Bachelor is ...


Today’s look is all about denim skirts, to be honest I want denim everything lately! Overalls, distressed, blouse, you name it… I LOVE it.  For some reason ever since I cut my hair, I have had a tendency to dress more “retro.” The midi skirt, with a tight turtle neck, and printed flats. This turtle neck is a staple, goes with anything, never gets old.  I could say the exact same thing about these shoes.  Leopard is ...
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36 weeks Pregnant

Hey Guys! So Here’s just a quick update on my pregnancy! I Went to the Dr. three times this week, tuesday-thurdsay! When I went on Tuesday it was monitoring, and while the twins were being monitored I had three contractions. During one of the contractions Baby B’s heart beat dropped, which means she was either tugging on a chord, her little bottom was hitting something, or any other limb for that matter. So they had to have me ...


Hi Guys! So I have been totally MIA for the past couple weeks because we finally got to move into our new home! Like most of you already know me and Kenz will now be sharing a driveway! Crazy!! Some of you may be thinking wow that is truly insane, and you would never want that, while others may share my feelings…. A DREAM COME TRUE! A dream come true for obvious reasons such as, I just pocketed a whole lot of money in Gas that I will ...