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Dressing the Bump during the awkward stage

As I have said before, I am showing much earlier with this pregnancy than any other! With that said…I still am going through the awkward stage of pregnancy right now. It’s more the “Has Kenzi gained a couple lb’s?” Or “Maybe she just had a big lunch?” I have to be so careful what I wear to make sure people know I’m pregnant, and didn’t just eat a entire Chipotle burrito! I always like to ...
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Things that made me laugh….

Things that made me laugh/cry this week…. While in church on Sunday, I was holding KoKo trying to keep her from losing it, Justin was holding Frankie trying to keep her from losing it, and all the while you know who (Jonesy) was doing, who know’s what! Well all of a sudden in a very loud voice, I heard her say “LOOK MOM I DREW THEIR PRIVATE PARTS!” she then repeated herself, because clearly I did not give her the ...
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Donuts & Back to GYM!

This shirt simply spoke to me as I was wondering aimlessly through Cotton on while shopping on my women’s conference trip. I mean not only does it have my favorite food on it, it’s a great tee for summer, and it’s pink, added bonus! So naturally I picked it up, and about three others that look just like it, I’m such a sucker for a good “T”! With that being said, that donuts are my favorite food… I ...
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What’s got me Laughing…..

Since having twins I have found myself multiple times feeling the urge to laugh unconditionally, while all the while wanting to cry at the very same time! Coincidence?? I’m not sure, but let me tell you I always feel better when I choose the laughing one. My life is crazy and their is no denying it! Here are just a few stories from my past week of insanity! On our drive down to California last week the twins screamed, I kid you not ...
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Pencil Dress

I’m currently in bed laying next to Jonesy, who is still sniffling from the crying, that lead to her finally falling asleep! Shocker, she won, I finally caved, and let her in my bed, but guess what I don’t even care, because at least she is finally ASLEEP! Do you guys ever feel that way?? It’s like seriously forget the rules, whatever gets you to the next day is what you have to do! I used to wonder why my Mom’s ...