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In lieu of Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I would share my favorite things about being a mother. I have only been a mom for a little over 4 years, but in reality I can’t imagine my life before sometimes. For sure one of my favorite things is seeing their faces right after they wake up in the morning, there really is nothing better! Possibly because you have not seen their faces in 12 hours (hopefully)! I actually kind of miss ...
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Pencil Dress

I’m currently in bed laying next to Jonesy, who is still sniffling from the crying, that lead to her finally falling asleep! Shocker, she won, I finally caved, and let her in my bed, but guess what I don’t even care, because at least she is finally ASLEEP! Do you guys ever feel that way?? It’s like seriously forget the rules, whatever gets you to the next day is what you have to do! I used to wonder why my Mom’s ...
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I’m currently wishing it would be Wednesday already!! It may seem lame, but I’m stoked, because I’m headed to Women’s Conference with all my favorite peeps! Women’s Conference is put on by our church, it is a two day conference for women filled with fabulous classes, amazing food, and all my girls in one trip! All the ladies in my family try and go every year, we stay in the dorms, and have the time of our life! ...
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I often get asked how I juggle being a mom, running a blog and working from home. We have written a couple posts about this, but have not done one for awhile.  We are now into the blog about a year and half, and I can’t believe how much we have learned since then.  When we started we were literally clueless! Through some definite trial and error our schedules are crazy lives are becoming more “normal,” here are some ways ...
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How I got my TWINS to sleep through the night!

First of all…. I do not claim to be some sort of baby whisper, baby guru, or baby specialist! I am a mom who was desperate for sleep and sanity, to achieve this my twins had to start sleeping through the night! I’m not going to preach to you that it was easy, stress free, or without tears, because it wasn’t. It’s difficult and heartbreaking, but it’s beyond worth it! Since my twins have slept through the night I feel more ...