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I often get asked how I juggle being a mom, running a blog and working from home. We have written a couple posts about this, but have not done one for awhile.  We are now into the blog about a year and half, and I can’t believe how much we have learned since then.  When we started we were literally clueless! Through some definite trial and error our schedules are crazy lives are becoming more “normal,” here are some ways ...
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How I got my TWINS to sleep through the night!

First of all…. I do not claim to be some sort of baby whisper, baby guru, or baby specialist! I am a mom who was desperate for sleep and sanity, to achieve this my twins had to start sleeping through the night! I’m not going to preach to you that it was easy, stress free, or without tears, because it wasn’t. It’s difficult and heartbreaking, but it’s beyond worth it! Since my twins have slept through the night I feel more ...
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Overall’s on Repeat

It’s Sunday night and me and Justin are falling into bed! I honestly just said to him, “I pretty stoked that it is only 9:00, we have all three kids asleep, and we have cleaned up the house too!”  We started our day at 6:40, with a wake up call from the twins, and feels like we kinda haven’t stopped since! So to be laying in my own bed, knowing I’m about to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and chomp on ...
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  A baby registry can be so flustering/confusing for first time moms! I had no clue what I would need or what to really register for.  Sure there were lots of things I wanted or were so cute I had to have, but what was needed? After having not one but three babies I can honestly tell you what I believe you REALLY NEED for a baby…or maybe even twins! 🙂 Lets be honest, I have now had three girls. Everyone loves to buy for girls, so ...
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Victoria Beckham at Target

Hey guys! So clearly I have twins, and never leave my house anymore…. but when my sister tells me VICTORIA BECKHAM has a new line at target, for all my people, Jones, twins, and me I run! So that is where I am headed today! Below I have gathered all my favorites from all three departments, Baby, Toddler, and Womens! Hope you all can find a few spare minutes grab a diet coke, bag of pop corn, and peruse! xoxo, JayCee