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Spring Dresses

  Spring is in the air! I don’t know about you, but all this spring fever is making me itch for a little sunny vacation. Unfortunately my hubby is knee deep in school right now, so I guess sunny Las Vegas will have to do for now. I love this time of year, the weather is unbelievable, park day, after park day, after park day! I always look forward to finding mine, and my kiddies Easter outfits for Easter Sunday, and this year is no ...
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If you are a close friend or a family member, you know that our Sugar Cookie recipe is one of our best kept secrets!  If you have ever tasted one before…you know why!  Our family has been making these cookies for as long as I can remember and I have to admit…they are DIVINE! The perfect amount of cookie to frosting ratio is key in my book (basically a little cookie with my frosting)! We usually make these during holidays, and ...
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      So right next to Christmas and Thanksgiving, my next favorite holiday might be Valentines!  What’s better than getting to express your love for the one you love?!  Christian and I love to dress up and go out, especially on Valentines!  This dress is exactly what I was looking for, dressy, but not prom looking, wintery, but now a sweater dress, and come one…it has HEARTS on it!  ASOS is one of my favorite ...
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Family Christmas Card 2016

Family Christmas cards are one of my favorite traditions in our family.  Not only is it fun to look at past Christmas card pictures, but we LOVE receiving them.  I remember as a child running to the mailbox to look if there were any new Christmas cards that we could open.  We moved a lot when I was young, so we have Christmas cards coming from all over the United States.  Now that I have my own family I love to create a Christmas card each ...