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Donuts & Back to GYM!

This shirt simply spoke to me as I was wondering aimlessly through Cotton on while shopping on my women’s conference trip. I mean not only does it have my favorite food on it, it’s a great tee for summer, and it’s pink, added bonus! So naturally I picked it up, and about three others that look just like it, I’m such a sucker for a good “T”! With that being said, that donuts are my favorite food… I ...
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Learning to Love YOU!

Our bodies, probably the greatest miracle we have all been shown, and for sure have taken the most for granted. At least I know I have through out the years. We all have been blessed with these amazing bodies in different shapes, sizes, and colors. I don’t know about you guys but more often then not I catch myself hating my body, disgusted with it, and the list could go on and on. My insecurities about my body started long ago as ...
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After baby number 2 I quickly realized that that jiggle behind me (coming from my bum) was not going to go away on it’s own!  People, I honestly…dead serious had not worked out since high school!  Let me help you out…that’s 10 YEARS FOLKS!  So naturally the thought of working out actually made me kind of sick to my stomach if you will…like a little puke would come up when I thought about it…Gross I know. ...