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Tuft and Needle Mattress

My husband and I have been married for just over 6 years.  I am embarrassed to say that when we first got married we definitely bought a old mattress of KSL (similar to Craigslist)… Que the gasp.  It received the name “Taco” because every night we would role into each other from the lovely indent in the center of the mattress.  After about a year, when touching each other 24/7 got well, annoying, we decided it was time for ...
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Delivery Day

Hi guys! So these past few days my life has changed…  Just a little! My Family turned from a family of three, to a family of five in just a few short hours! I know I have expressed to you guys before, how shocking, and unbelievably unqualified I have felt for this day, but it has come, and it has for ever changed my life for the better! On Friday night I had labor all night long, contracting pretty close together from about 8 to 11:30 ...
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36 weeks Pregnant

Hey Guys! So Here’s just a quick update on my pregnancy! I Went to the Dr. three times this week, tuesday-thurdsay! When I went on Tuesday it was monitoring, and while the twins were being monitored I had three contractions. During one of the contractions Baby B’s heart beat dropped, which means she was either tugging on a chord, her little bottom was hitting something, or any other limb for that matter. So they had to have me ...
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Family Christmas Card 2016

Family Christmas cards are one of my favorite traditions in our family.  Not only is it fun to look at past Christmas card pictures, but we LOVE receiving them.  I remember as a child running to the mailbox to look if there were any new Christmas cards that we could open.  We moved a lot when I was young, so we have Christmas cards coming from all over the United States.  Now that I have my own family I love to create a Christmas card each ...