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Shaggy Vest

    I I got this Vest at H&M, I can’t seem to find the exact one online, but it was very recent, so it could possibly still be in stores! I love it though, because it is so versatile, I can pair it with a dress or do a more casual look, like in these pics. Either way it is a definite favorite! The onsie that Jonesy is wearing is from Freshlypicked, I bought it in black, & of course I had to have this cheetah one as ...
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Wedding’s are my Fave!

This week me and my little family packed up and headed to Arizona, to attend our cousins wedding! When traveling, I try to always condense my packing, and bring as little as possible, hence this one piece dress. I can throw it in the bag. bring a pair of heels and add accessories. When looking for dresses for an event I love to look at ASOS. They have so many options to choose from, in all sorts of different styles. dress: Asos (old,similar ...
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Sunday “blues”

Here my little family and I are all wearing “blues”… In Las Vegas we think anything below 80 degrees is “cool” weather so I took advantage today and busted out my long sleeve blouse!  Sandals still worn though…Hoping it will get a little cooler soon.  My favorite boys are on the blog today showing off their Sunday best.  When I put my boys inn tucked in collard shirts, I really only like a onesie, they ...
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Halloween… with 2 year olds

Halloween comes every year, and with out fail every year around August, we start thinking about what UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, & FABULOUS costume our little families can be! Then every year on October 31st, I’m running from store to store, rummaging through my Mom’s old costume trunk, scrambling to put something/anything together! Then after you find costumes that you think are actually pretty awesome, you then have to convince your ...