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Mom outings with the kiddos in the summer

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. Though every mom may not admit it, most moms are thinking it! What are we going to do ALL SUMMER. Summer is great, less structure, more vacations and more TIME. I have jotted and listed as many things as I could think of…hope this helps somebody! So simple, yet my family loves it, a simple family walk at night when it cools down. ...
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Bath Time Routine with Twins

This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S. All opinions are my own.  Every morning and night our day starts and finishes with the exact same thing – bath time! I Love these sweet girls, but they are a little on the stinky side, so they require 2 baths a day, with a scrub in all the cracks and crevasses! My bath time essentials are JOHNSON’S Products! They smell good and are easy on my littles skin! As with everything with twins ...
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Major Venting!

Here it goes guys the things that have me laughing/crying and this week if I’m being honest a little more crying….. Like I said before, about every three weeks I have a little break down and this week I’m blaming all the “CRAP” for the tears!! I got home from work and the twin’s were in their bouncers. Being super excited to see them after a long day at work I went up to them, kissed their faces, talked ...
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Things that made me laugh….

Things that made me laugh/cry this week…. While in church on Sunday, I was holding KoKo trying to keep her from losing it, Justin was holding Frankie trying to keep her from losing it, and all the while you know who (Jonesy) was doing, who know’s what! Well all of a sudden in a very loud voice, I heard her say “LOOK MOM I DREW THEIR PRIVATE PARTS!” she then repeated herself, because clearly I did not give her the ...
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Uppa Baby Vista

Choosing a stroller…is there anything more intimidating?!?! There are so many to choose from, and so many different styles. Do you get a double? Do you get a single that can turn into a double? So many questions! I am now on baby #3 and I think I have it figured out…maybe! 🙂 With my first baby I got a single stroller, HUGE mistake! Two years later I’m pregnant with my second and in the market for yet another stroller! So ...