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Pencil Dress

I’m currently in bed laying next to Jonesy, who is still sniffling from the crying, that lead to her finally falling asleep! Shocker, she won, I finally caved, and let her in my bed, but guess what I don’t even care, because at least she is finally ASLEEP! Do you guys ever feel that way?? It’s like seriously forget the rules, whatever gets you to the next day is what you have to do! I used to wonder why my Mom’s ...
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  Oh POSTPARTUM how I love to hate you! It’s like I longed for this dreaded nine months to be over, and even though I have done this whole pregnancy thing before, I still thought oh I will go to the hospital, have these babies, and BAM I’ll be back to normal…NOT!!!! It’s almost like your worse when you leave then when you came in…especially after a C-section! Never the less, a few weeks go by and I think ...


Four favorite fall lipsticks, can you say that 5 times fast?!?! Fall is my favorite time of year, not only for the cooler weather and delicious treats.  I LOVE fall fashion, not to mention all the amazing lip colors.  I love lipstick, and throughout different times of the year you can’t wear certain colors.  As soon as September hits I bust out my fall lip colors, dark purple, browns, nudes, you name it!  Here are my four favorites for ...
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Pink Dress

This post is sponsored by Payless, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own. shoes c/o Payless dress c/o Pink Blush scarf Nordstrom Hey guys! So it’s Sunday night and I’m totally catching myself having the Sunday Blues…. I will say being able to just throw this outfit on this morning, not really having to think about it made my Sunday go so smooth! Easy dress and Easy Shoes! Hurry and go get a pair of these shoes, because ...
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10 things you didn’t know about me!

1. I was born on 6/12/1989, I weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz., and the time was 6:12. This fun fact got me a little article in the newspaper 27 years ago when I was born. 2. I take an abnormally long time prepping my food, I’m a little over the top with it. Like I’m saying everyone is half way through their burger and I’m just sitting down to the table. I’m very particular about the amount of sauce, salt, and so much more. 3. I ...