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Which Diaper Bag to Choose

One question we get asked ALL the time is which diaper bag to choose?!?! I get it, it’s such a hard decision…there are so many choices! We hope that this post will help…a little! We have taken all of our favorites and told you why we love them below. In no certain order… Nena & Co. Really the picture says everything about this bag, I mean come on GORGEOUS! Every bag is unique which I also love. You can literally ...
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How I Swaddle My Babies

One thing that I credit my twins for sleeping so well is a proper swaddle. Both the product and the way I chose to swaddle them I think helps. I have tried many different types of swaddlers and one of my favorites is Lou Lou and Company. They are super stretchy, which allows them to grow with your babies. I have had many questions on how I swaddle my twins. I have taken some pictures below to demonstrate the steps of how I swaddle them. 1. ...
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Life with Twins

Twins….. as I write this I am laying in my bed thinking/praying that they will both sleep completely through the night, but let’s be honest we know that is not going to happen. I have said from the beginning of this journey that I never in a million years thought this would be my life… TWINS that is, but it is, with that said that does not mean we just ADJUST over night. There is no other word to describe it but HARD. ...
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  Oh POSTPARTUM how I love to hate you! It’s like I longed for this dreaded nine months to be over, and even though I have done this whole pregnancy thing before, I still thought oh I will go to the hospital, have these babies, and BAM I’ll be back to normal…NOT!!!! It’s almost like your worse when you leave then when you came in…especially after a C-section! Never the less, a few weeks go by and I think ...
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Dusty Rose Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag  Todays post is all about this fabulous diaper bag from I would love to say that I have been getting out of the house, and putting this bag to good use, but this mom is pretty much homebound! The few times that I have braved the world with my babes though, this diaper bag has made the journey, and everywhere I went I was definitely stopped by at least someone asking about it! But on a serious note, I really do feel ...