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December 2, 2015

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Plaid is Rad

My two baby boys are my pride and joy!  How can you not look at those faces and want to smile.  Finding things to entertain them everyday… Not so easy!  We spend lots of time outside letting my two year old get all of his little boy wiggles out!  As a mom of little boys I need them to be comfy, while looking “cool” if you will.  H&M has great deals for kids that are super cheap…. But don’t look cheap!  There ...
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Yellow Scarf

Just snagged this yellow scarf on Black Friday, and I have already wore it twice! Needless to say, I think it may be a new go to!! And if you know me when I find something I like, I use and ABUSE!! Ps 25 days till Xmas, let the count down begin! Hence why Jones is in her reindeer gear, got to wear it while you can! If your looking for gift ideas scarves, are always a safe bet… They always FIT!! Happy Holidays! Jonesy’s outfit: ...